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Merchandise Description

Bevel gearbox of 135m ending mill

Composition of bevel gearbox:

Bevel gearbox, ordinate axis, bevel equipment shaft, paired bevel equipment units and countershaft and bevel wheel models.

Technical Characteristics:
one, Round helical gears and spiral bevel gear are manufactured by carbon metal, refined the firm and boost the resilience of the equipment blank. Tooth area making use of the carburizing techniques to obtain large hardness, all tooth surface need to have to grind to increase the abrasive resistance and fit precision.
2, ordinate axis, equipment shaft and countershaft adopt carbon metal elements to annealing, normalizing and adjustment to boost the tenacity and intensity of the workpiece, all workpiece have the grinding procedure to insure the health and fitness. The assembled shaft and gear has the balancing examination , the speed is 4550 r / min, the balance level is G1.
three,Box mould by QT500-7 ductile iron, heat treatment method is essential to make certain security.After roughing the box then make ultrasonic flaw detection, box and cover each bearing assembly bearing holes after finishing each case to ensure the overall accuracy, cabinet finishing finished oil hole cleaning, do 0.6MPa pressure test ensure no leakage.
4, The other parts of cone box are mildew by carbon metal. thermal refining process make sure the intensity of bevel gearbox. When the make completed, Corrosion treatment is essential to increase the life time of workpiece.
5,When the assemble of  box concluded, the no-load experience is necessary to take a look at whether or not workpiece achieve the layout prerequisite.


Correct angle gearboxes (worm and planetary gears) are sturdy and can be utilized for 90° turns. An inline reducer (parallel shaft and planetary) is an best matching motor with large input speeds, or when gear motor effectiveness is essential. Get in touch with our technological product sales employees to help figure out which transmission remedy is greatest for you.
Gearboxes go by several various names, which includes gear drives, pace reducers, equipment reducers, velocity reducers, and equipment motors. All terms are utilised interchangeably when referring to inline gear reducers. Our stock contains a vast variety of equipment reducers for higher pace, substantial precision programs with input speeds up to 4000 RPM.

China Custom Gear Box for Finishing Mill     near me manufacturer